Film & Media Scoring

Are you interested in composing music for film and games? These undergraduate courses can help you hone your skills in the creation of music for film and games. These courses are open to all B.A. Music and B.Mus students. Classes fill fast so be sure to register early. There are many more courses that you may find of interest listed on the Butler School of Music website. For more information visit: UTEMS, GAMMA, BSOM

Lower Division Courses

  1. MUS319D  – Foundations of Digital Sound and Music OR
  2. AET 305 – Foundations of Music and Sound Technology (Jack Stamps, Instructor)
  3. MUS214C – Beginning Composition

Upper Division Courses

  1. MUS224G – Intermediate Composition (214C continued)
  2. MUS226K – Orchestration and Arranging
  3. MUS226N – Choral Arranging
  4. MUS329E – Introduction to Electronic Media
  5. MUS329G – Intermediate Electronic Composition
  6. MUS329F – Projects in Electronic Media
  7. MUS337 – Music and Film Sound 
  8. MUS350S – Creating Music and Sound for Film, Video and Games (see below)
  9. MUS376J – Game Development Capstone

Mus350S “Creating Music and Sound for Film, Video and Games” Creating Music and Sound for Film, Video and Games is a lecture/lab course designed to introduce students to concepts of music and sound for a variety of media with a primary focus on creating original music and/or sound tracks. Topics include music structures, production and editing, film and video synchronization, game audio and other sound for film related topics. Prerequisite: MUS319D Foundations of Digital Music and Sound or AET 305 (same course).

 Graduate courses in film and media scoring:

MUS 388G  – Graduate Media Projects


Film Scoring Studio – MRH 4.180